Sheriff Joe: Something fishy with this administration


Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s planned deployment of 1,000 National Guard troops to the border has earned him criticism from Democrats and Mexican officials, the latter who are “seething,” Fox’s Neil Cavuto told Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio today during an interview on the “Your World” program.

Arpaio, recalling his tenure as head of the DEA in Mexico City, said, “We should be across the border,” noting that at one time, U.S. agents worked hand-in-hand with Mexico’s federal police and military on arrests, drug seizures and even gun battles. The two countries “were always operational,” the sheriff said.

“The National Guard, they’re not going there with machine guns. … So, why can’t we send the Border Patrol or the military across the border to work in a bilateral situation? I can’t understand why they are afraid of the National Guard in the United States at the border. It doesn’t make sense.”

“But it does make sense. They don’t like anything we’re doing here.”

Noting President Obama’s planned White House meeting Friday with the presidents of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, Arpaio asked why the focus was not on Mexico.

“Why doesn’t he have a summit meeting in Mexico City where Mexico is the most critical country regarding all this?” asked Arpaio. “Why do we always leave Mexico out? Why isn’t the Mexican president invited to the White House also?”

Reading a statement from Mexico’s foreign affairs agency calling for the immigration problem to be addressed “from a long-term regional perspective and based on principals of good neighborliness and shared responsibility,” Cavuto suggested Mexico didn’t see the deployment of the National Guard as neighborly.

Arpaio fired back.

“If they were neighborly they would do something in Mexico and crack down on the illegal drug traffic and the illegal immigration instead of criticizing our country all the time. If you want to be a good neighbor that’s what you do.

“I’m not criticizing Mexico in a sense, but there’s something fishy going on with this administration in bed with Mexico.”

Arpaio conceded Mexico’s economic importance, but argued the U.S. should take some of the foreign aid given to its southern neighbors to meet the $3.7 billion Obama has requested to address the border crisis.

“Help pay for our operation – that’s good neighbors,” said Arpaio.

Arpaio dismissed concerns putting the National Guard on the border would complicate an already volatile situation.

“What complications?” asked Arpaio. “I have thousands of posse members – in fact, I’m 30 miles from the border. If I was at the border you’d see my posse out there.

“They’re not going to be going around there locking people up. First of all, they don’t have the authority to do that. They’re just assisting, just like my posse assists my people.

Arpaio continued.

“Why is Mexico concerned about the National Guard? They ought to be happy. … they should say, ‘Come on National Guard or military. Come on across the border and help us out,’ instead of criticizing our operations.”

Mexico is not the only one concerned about Perry’s National Guard deployment. The White House announced today it had sent a team to Texas Tuesday to assess whether a U.S. National Guard deployment would help to handle the immigration crisis at the Mexican border.

The team, made up of officials from the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security, is scheduled to be on the ground Thursday.

To date, the White House has resisted calls from Republicans to deploy the National Guard to fight the onslaught of migrants from Central America.

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Gold digger


Editor’s note: Do you need something to smile about? Every day, WND selects the best joke offered up by readers and contributors to its Laughlines forum and brings it to you as the WND Joke of the Day. Here is today’s offering:

Due to inherit a fortune when his sickly, widower father died, Charles decided he needed a woman to enjoy it with.

He went to a bar and spotted a gal whose beauty took his breath away.

“I’m just an ordinary man,” he said, “but in just a week or two, my father will die and I’ll inherit $20 million.”

A week later they ran into each other again.

She reintroduced herself … as his new stepmother.

Got a great joke you want to share with the world? Write it up in the WND Laughlines forum. Who knows? It might be selected as the WND Joke of the Day – and your wildest dreams will come true.

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Michael Pento

Michael Pento: President of Pento Portfolio Strategies – Michael is a well-established specialist in the “Austrian School” of economics. A regular on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, and other national media outlets and his market analysis can be read in most major financial publications. Prior to starting Pento Portfolio Strategies he served as a senior economist and VP of the managed products division of another well known financial firm. Michael has also created ETFs and UITs that were sold throughout Wall Street. Earlier in his career, he worked on the floor of the NYSE.

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Wake up, West! Russia marches to ‘holy’ war

By Marisa Martin

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow

Something very strange is happening in Russia – stranger than Putin’s fawning female devotees or half nude, Siberian hunting excursions.

Byzantium II is resurrecting – or attempting to – deep in historic Rus.

Drifting ever further into secularism, the West is too busy nailing the doors of the church shut with endless lawsuits and harassments to even notice. Meanwhile back at the Kremlin, Russia looks back longingly to a pre-revolutionary pattern of government … and church.

Evidence abounds in old-world style military expansionism, Russian media, church announcements and even the arts. Not contemporary art, which is still allied closely with European liberalism, but church art, especially icons, which are becoming decidedly martial. What are we to make of it?

Flocks of the faithful venerate even copies of a “miraculous” icon of Tsar Nicholas II. The original in the U.S. is reputed to exude the scent of myrrh. In 1998 the icon was sent by air to circle Russia to call back “the resurgence of Russia” to faith.

"Miraculous" myrrh-emitting icon of Nicholas II

“Miraculous” myrrh-emitting icon of Nicholas II

Nicholas II and his family are now all considered religious martyrs, murdered only for their faith. This has been a quiet belief ever since their deaths in 1918. Historically there is just enough truth in this to make it plausible. The reds who murdered them were devoutly, God-hating atheists, while the Tsar was utterly pious and partisan. Also the Russian Supreme Court legally exonerated the Romanovs in 2008.

Exclusively and devotedly Russian Orthodox, the tsar wasn’t particularly tolerant with Protestants, Roman Catholics or others. Keeping up tradition, he also continued the anti-Semitism of his fathers, pushing a vast number of Jews from Russia.

In spite of Nicholas’ failures, his mythology and grandeur continue to grow long after death. Shrouded in secrecy, the veneration of the tsars never entirely died – even after seven decades of Marxism – and is mushrooming in popularity now.

Nicholas has taken on a beatific glow of sanctity and holiness unmatched by real life, although he wasn’t particularly awful compared to other czars. Some honorifics surrounding him reveal Orthodox spiritual identity with the last tsar, who is seen as a Christ-like sacrifice for Russia.

The tsar was “anointed with Holy Chrism” and “in the eyes of believers and atheists alike, more than a man.” He is “Saint Nicholas the Passion-Bearer,” the Russian Orthodox Church declares.

Since the regent’s death, he and his family were canonized along with a throng of assorted Russian saints and soldiers.

By killing him the “Bolsheviks were consciously striking at the heart of Russia or, more accurately, at its head,” claims writers of “The Mystical Meaning of the Tsar’s Martyrdom.” Another makes the astonishing claim, “The Tsar has taken the guilt of the Russian people upon himself, and the Russian people is forgiven.”

Tsarist believers advance Nicholas as the “Defender of the Church.” His devotees also attribute the curse of Soviet oppression at the feet of the unjust slaughter of the Romanov family alone. Unlike most Westerners, Orthodox see any attacks on the monarchy as attacks on the church.

Some still believe that Nicholas II was the last representative of lawful, Christian authority in this world, that he personally restrained “the mystery of iniquity” (2 Thess. 2:27).

Visions of Nicholas come such as this from a sailor (Silaev, with the cruiser “Almaz”): “The Tsar-Martyr in royal purple and a crown, holding a cup filled to the brim with blood. Beside him on the right was a handsome youth – the Tsarevich – in a dress uniform, also with a cup of blood in his hands. Behind them, on their knees, was the whole martyred Royal Family in white garments, and each of them held a cup of blood in their hands.”

There are several paintings and icons with this theme.

Biblical prophecies, as well as historic events and Bible verses, are reinterpreted in this manner. “Touch Not Mine Anointed One ” warns the Alaska Brotherhood with dire descriptions of the wrath to come. And it did come – too late, of course.

"The Opening of the Fifth Seal," (with Nicholas II in intercession)

“The Opening of the Fifth Seal,” (with Nicholas II in intercession)

Some icons even place Nicholas at the Judgment Seat of God or the right hand of Jesus. A modern icon from the Sretensky Monastery in Moscow, “The Opening of the Fifth Seal,” features Nicholas interceding for Christian martyrs in hard times ahead.

Taking a look at the tsars’ titles reveals the scope of Russian power or desire, which seems to be rekindled lately. The full name of Nicholas II from the 1906 Constitution is mighty impressive and ambitious. Remember that the Russian Empire was one of the largest in history, surpassed only by the British and Mongol empires. Perhaps the Finns and others should take note.

Here are a few excerpts from Nicholas’ full name:

  • “Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias’”
  • “Titular King of Poland”
  • “The Grand Principality of Finland (as an inseparable part of the Russian state of course)
  • “Prince of Estonia, Livonia, Courland and Semigalia” (likewise for Georgia being played out now)
  • “Heir of Norway, Duke of Schleswig-Holstein” etc, etc.

Big hunks o’ earth were claimed subject to Nicholas II and considered part of a divine plan to reinstate the Byzantine Empire in Russia. This is quietly encouraged again in some Russian circles, although not highly publicized for obvious reasons.

Statements flying around in recent years confirm this, such as from a website edited by Bishop Alexander of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad: “[Nicholas] was an earthly symbol of the Heavenly King, the protector and upholder of the Orthodox Church in Russia, and the heir of Byzantium. … And, like his father, he too was the head of Russia’s Eastern Orthodox Church. Under Nicholas II, Moscow was still seen as the new City of Constantine, the ‘Third Rome’ (since the 15th century).”

We hear more about the Byzantine Empire, which may be forgotten by the West but not the East. This is very old stuff. Catherine the Great groomed her grandson (Constantine – what else would he be named?) to become the first emperor of a restored Byzantium. That didn’t happen.

Catherine was also concerned over the fate of Orthodox Christians under Ottoman rule, which was generally not good. Today many of these same lands are in Islamic turmoil. Russians aiding Christians in Syria makes them the “good guys,” and the U.S. is reflected on poorly, as we have not helped.

Western conservative Christians cheer when Putin stands up for Christian rights in Syria and other ex-Ottoman territories – and so do I. But if his motives are altruistic, we’ll have to wait and see. Putin’s interest in religious rights is confined to the Russian empire and those of Orthodox faith. It is not planetary.

But this may become a resurrected war of worldviews from antiquity: Byzantium, led (so far) by Russia, against the Ottomans, which have generally fallen to terrorists. If this is our future, it will difficult to not cheer for the bear-wrestling one.

Patriarch Kirill and Vladimir Putin are almost attached at the hip, espousing a very strong state/church relationship. The Theotokos (icons of “Our Lady of Kazan”) go on before them.

"Our Lady of Kazan" icon

“Our Lady of Kazan” icon

Russia’s national icon is making a comeback in popularity after decades in hiding. The Kazan Lady was “found in a garden” in 1597 and after many centuries embodies Russian nationalism and militarism. This Madonna is a Russian girl to the core. Is this a religious revival, a new imperialist crusade or both? Either way the icons have great significance, as they did long ago. They are not merely ornaments.

Christians have always prayed for peace, protection of their nations and troops, sending priests and chaplains out for this office. We understand this. But Russia’s icons have also been portents of war to come as well as promises of peace.

Russia’s palladium, the “Kazan Mother of God” icon, is their most famed religious icon, but it has a secondary mission: She has been borne into battle for centuries by Russian generals and Emperors. The “Kazan” icon is considered imbued with miraculous power to help in military matters – but only for Russia. Her aid is attributed to fending off (generally successfully) Napoleon and the Turks, Persians, Swedes, Poles and Germans.

So precious is the Mother of Kazan (or Black Virgin) to Russians and belief runs so deep that even Stalin appeared to have used the icon for military purposes. Or perhaps that was just propaganda – who knows? From deep banishment, Mother Kazan’s icon was sent to Stalingrad in 1943 by Stalin for divine help against the Germans – apparently a true story.

Russia’s Lady of Kazan is beginning to see duty again.

In February Putin quietly sent the Kazan icon on a trip to the Crimea. At the time it was assumed it was for a blessing over the Winter Olympics – but far from it. The events in Ukraine and annexation of Crimea soon followed. All this is according to ancient custom of bringing in the icons to bless a military venture.

The important icon “She Who Reigns” was also sent on a highly politicized journey across the world by the Orthodox Church and endorsed by Vladimir Putin. The 2007 venture was highly publicized as a call to “celebrate reconciliation among Russians at home and abroad (since the 1917 revolution).”

Russia’s joint church/state venture receives little fanfare from the Western press, who have no concept of the depth of religious feeling of the mass of humanity. Still, in the U.S., the solid unity, almost theocracy, Putin and Kirill seek for Russia makes both left and right cringe. It is very politically aligned and conveniently supportive of Putin. One wonders, will they need a new Emperor to do this?

Not all Russian Christians are dancing with joy either. After Putin declared a Day of National Unity between the Orthodox Church and the state, many felt alienated. Complaints ranged from the Russian Union of Evangelical Baptists to the leaders of the Communist Party, who called it a “provocation” that would only lead to division. Tatar nationalists detest the Kazan icon, labeling it as symbolic of “the colonial yoke.”

Russian Orthodox consider icons “an entire world that unite our peoples … a consolidating principle.” There are not many important, original icons, and they really aren’t very interesting to look at – especially after you’ve seen them 1,000 times. The art is formulaic and plain, faces unlikely or cadaverous. But their antiquity, purported powers, history and often secret meaning to millions of Orthodox make these little, gilded plaques perhaps the most powerful pieces of art on earth.

Sources: R. Monk Zachariah (Liebmann) / The East-West Church & Ministry Report / / / / “The Miracles of the Royal Martyr” / “Eastern America and New York First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad” /

Source: WND

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Todd Akin is ‘Firing Back’ – $4.95 today only!



U.S. Rep. Todd Akin walked quietly off the public stage after being defeated by incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill on election night 2012 without blaming anyone, without casting aspersions, without excuses for his loss.

Meanwhile, the same Republican political establishment that lost every other Senate race that year continued to pile on Akin, claiming his candidacy was responsible for the electoral disaster they oversaw while running away from the six-term Missouri member of Congress. They are still blaming Akin today.

But others have been coming to his defense – from Gov. Mike Huckabee to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, from Lt. Col. Oliver North to Dr. James Dobson – and now, finally, Akin is back with a stunning, tell-all book!

And today only, WND readers can get a hardcover copy of Akin’s “Firing Back: Taking on the Party Bosses and Media Elite to Protect Our Faith and Freedom,” for only $4.95 – a huge $21 discount off the regular $25.95 price!

As Huckabee, the Fox News Channel host and rising star of the Republican Party, wrote in the foreword to “Firing Back”: “Todd didn’t ask for a war with the party establishment, but he sure did get one. No one in American politics knows better than I do the immediate bias and attacks that come from liberals and the media establishment when Christians with sincere convictions make a move into the political arena. We’ve got to deal with their attacks and have even come to expect them. More shocking are the attacks on social conservatives from party bosses, partisan power brokers and the entrenched GOP establishment. I’m deeply offended by this infighting within the Republican Party, because it is so destructive to the country we care so deeply about.”

Huckabee says the party establishment never liked Akin in the first place. He wasn’t their choice to run against McCaskill. When he beat their choice in the primary, the bosses weren’t happy. In their eyes, he was already a loser – a lost cause. He adds that Akin never said anything negative about his Republican opponents – running only on his own ideas and record.

“I expected Democrats to pounce on Todd,” Huckabee says regarding the infamous “legitimate rape” interview on a local TV show. “But I was disheartened and outraged when Republicans circled the wagons – not to support Todd and help him overcome an obstacle but instead as a firing squad pointed at the congressman.”

Some say it was worse that a circular firing squad. Karl Rove not only pulled his funding for Akin’s campaign and publicly denounced him, he added in a closed-door meeting of GOP donors: “We should sink Todd Akin. If he’s found mysteriously murdered, don’t look for my whereabouts.”

“There is something terribly ironic when the winning candidate in a primary who refused to say anything negative about his Republican opponents is attacked by one Republican after another,” adds Huckabee. They sharpened their knives and got in line to repeatedly stab him in the back. Now, after the race, they are still saying, ‘See, conservatives can’t get elected!’”

Likewise, Oliver North defends Akin, saying: “I admire Todd’s stand for the sanctity of life. His steadfast resolve against an onslaught of media bullies and party bosses is the stuff of legend.”

And WND’s Joseph Farah, who agreed to publish Akin’s “Firing Back,” said: “I could never quite figure out what Todd Akin said that was so offensive to the supposedly pro-life Republicans who attacked him viciously. Had they actually watched the interview? It represents in its entirety one of the best articulations of the life ethic. There’s simply nothing in there that is factually wrong or offensive – unless you are looking to be offended by something. I have watched that interview over and over again in context. Even the interviewer clearly didn’t see anything in Akin’s words to indicate a ‘gotcha.’ He quickly moved on to a different subject without missing a beat. This wasn’t even a minor gaffe. He was technically and scientifically accurate in what he said. This was an example of a media and political lynching.”

As WND reported, while new fertility studies demonstrate that stress in males and females inhibits pregnancy have received worldwide attention, no one has linked them with the biggest U.S. political controversy of 2012 – Akin’s suggestion that pregnancy as a result of rape is unusual.

See Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments in context:

Is Akin right that pregnancy seldom results from rape?

There’s not much doubt about it. The studies pointing to the highest incidence suggest no more than 5 percent of rape victims become pregnant as a result of the attack. Many others suggest much lower numbers.

Why did Akin write “Firing Back”? Akin says what he wants is what he has always wanted – what drove him to run for Congress successfully in the first place: “Everywhere, freedom’s enemies are busy twisting word meanings and attempting to force their opinions on others through what is known as ‘political correctness.’ We should resist this tactic by defending the truth and each other, especially those on our own team. We need to defend truth especially in those areas where liberals are attacking.”

He adds: “Before you forsake the crisp air and bright light on the high road of freedom, look well at the velvet-padded chains of government dependency. Although the government chains are well padded, they are chains nonetheless. They threaten to hold America’s soul in the gloom, where vision is lost, where monotony and cynicism rule, and where the fresh air and bright sunlight of freedom are only a memory.”

For Akin, government doesn’t have all the answers. But he truly believes there are answers to be found – or, perhaps, rediscovered.

“True freedom builds from the bottom up, and it starts with our ‘selves,’” he writes in “Firing Back.” “In early America, when people heard the word government, they would first think of how each of us, led by God’s Spirit, manages his or her own life. They called it ‘self-government.’ They understood that the character of a citizen was critical to the nature of the country. A nation peopled by wise, hardworking, loving citizens would be altogether different from a nation of dishonest, self-seeking rogues.”

But to be a self-governing people, there must be consensus on what is right and wrong, Akin suggests.

“Perhaps one of the greatest opportunities to return to good ideas and refute bad ideas is through the church,” he writes. “Churches exist in part to warn people of the bad consequences of bad ideas and teach obedience to God’s laws. The source of the Founders’ good ideas was the Bible. They saw the beautiful harmony between God’s Word and the natural world around them. Today, for all the good work our pastors do, many make the mistake of not applying the Bible to the critical issues of our day. This is probably one of the most urgently needed changes in America.”

Watch Todd Akin’s interview with radio talker Steve Malzberg:

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Note: If you choose not to participate in this special promotional offer, you may order “Firing Back” at a discounted price here.

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Teacher’s nude pix hacked, emailed to 300


(NYDAILYNEWS) — This was no biology lesson.

Sexually explicit photographs of a Pasadena, Calif., high school teacher were emailed to nearly 300 students and staff members after police say his email account was hacked.

The four nude photos of popular John Muir High School science teacher Richard Rose popped up in 287 inboxes July 10, with the subject line “enjoy,” KTLA reported.

“Essentially the teacher is a victim,” Lt. Ed Calatayud told the station. “The teacher’s (school district) email account was essentially hacked, and unlawfully used for the purpose of sending out these photos.”

Source: WND

Democrat senator accused of plagiarism


(NYTIMES) — WASHINGTON — Democrats were thrilled when John Walsh of Montana was appointed to the United States Senate in February. A decorated veteran of the Iraq war and former adjutant general of his state’s National Guard, Mr. Walsh offered the Democratic Party something it frequently lacks: a seasoned military man.

On the campaign trail this year, Mr. Walsh, 53, has made his military service a main selling point. Still wearing his hair close-cropped, he notes he was targeted for killing by Iraqi militants and says his time in uniform informs his views on a range of issues.

But one of the highest-profile credentials of Mr. Walsh’s 33-year military career appears to have been improperly attained. An examination of the final paper required for Mr. Walsh’s master’s degree from the United States Army War College indicates the senator appropriated at least a quarter of his thesis on American Middle East policy from other authors’ works, with no attribution.

Source: WND

Dems ‘have mastered art of character assassination’

By Leo Hohmann

Todd Akin looks at the political culture in Washington these days and can’t help but see the sinister playbook of radicals at work. He sees them baiting, spinning and destroying their remaining enemies on the road to transforming America into a socialist state devoid of personal freedom and responsibility.

The former six-term congressman from Missouri found himself in the crosshairs of a media firestorm in 2012 when, during an interview with Charles Jaco, he made a comment about abortions in the case of rape, in which he said “if it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.”

He admits his comments were not well-crafted. What he meant to say was simply that in legitimate cases of rape, the chances of a woman getting pregnant are reduced because stress factors have been shown in scientific studies to affect fertility rates.

Two years later, he is still trying to recover from the resulting media bombardment. But rather than ducking for cover, or buckling under the barrage, he’s going public with his message. He’s got a new book out, “Firing Back,” and has appeared in a series of media interviews recently.

Get your copy of “Firing Back.”

One of those interviews was with WND founder and CEO Joseph Farah. In it, Akin said he won’t let any media attacks tamp down his desire to stand up for the truth of his original message, nor will he back down from those in his own party who wish he’d just go home and stay quiet.

Republicans who “cower” in fear of the liberal media will only encourage the momentum toward a new American society ruled by a type of thought police, he said.

Akin told Farah that he urges all Americans to stand up against the “Saul Alinsky” tactics of the left, whom he says are more interested in “character assassination” than having a rational, objective discussion about important issues.

“When you unabbreviated it, it means a legitimate case of rape. Police write about legitimate rape as an abbreviation when they’re doing an investigation or whatever,” Akin said. “But by abbreviating it instead of saying ‘legitimate case of rape’ it gave the Democrats an opportunity to try to make fun of me, to twist my meaning all out of shape, and then they went from there to all kinds of absurdities, things that were exactly opposite of things I’d said in that comment. So that was the beginning of it.”

He used his personal experience of being a media whipping boy to take a deeper look at what he sees as a developing pattern in the politics and culture of the day. He lays out his thoughts and findings in “Firing Back.”

A pattern of abusive tactics?

The pattern can be seen in the media frenzies over television personality Paula Deen and others who have seen their careers destroyed by an inadvertent comment that got fanned into a flaming ball of hysterical “news.” Conservative columnist George Will also got pummeled recently in the national media for daring to question the government’s statistics showing one in every five college women experiences rape.

“What happened to me is kind of a pattern for a number of things that are going on,” Akin said. “And one of them is that idea of just basically assassinating someone’s character by trying to misunderstand something, act outraged, repeat it endlessly, ask people if they’re outraged, they don’t even know what you said, they’re outraged. And so you try to create this snowball effect which is a character assassination.”

Contrast that, he says, with the message of the Bible.

“In God’s word it says, ‘don’t bear false witness’ but we’re doing that all over the place, and that’s all considered fair nowadays.”

Perhaps most troubling was how the leader of the free world found time right after Akin’s comment to jump in and fan the flames.

“The views expressed were offensive,” Obama said during a press conference. “Rape is rape, and the idea that we should be parsing and qualifying and slicing what type of rapes people are talking about doesn’t make sense to the American people, and certainly doesn’t make sense to me. Do me a favor and please explain whose idea it is to have a bunch of politicians making healthcare decisions on the part of women.”

“You’re talking about a hypocrisy here,” Akin said of Obama’s comments, “about somebody who’s talking out of both sides of their mouth,” since the president’s Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, involves politicians making healthcare decisions for everyone, not just women.

But Akin sees another double standard in Obama’s reaction to his comment.

“They’re always saying they’re pro-choice. We’re for choice. We have our choice, you have your choice,” Akin said. “But it’s a bunch of baloney. They’re not for choice at all. Because in Obamacare your choice is to take your money and use it to pay for a form of abortion. There’s no choice here at all.

“This is like the communist version of choice,” he continued. “You can make any choice you want as long as you do what I tell you. And of course even the Supreme Court saw through that and that’s why they made the recent decision in the Hobby Lobby (case).”

The bottom-line issue avoided

Farah pointed out that while people are still talking about the Jaco interview, few have addressed the bottom-line issue that was being discussed in that interview, which is the right to life and whether that should extend to a child conceived by rape.

Studies have shown that women have a 5 percent chance, generally, among all men and women having sex, of getting pregnant. Yet, as Farah pointed out, the one in 20 estimate is totally illegitimate in cases of rape “because on the basis of what you talked about, every study, including two brand new studies that came out this year, show that stress dramatically reduces that figure. Why is this so hard for people to zero in on, why do we want to deny the science?”

“To a degree, all of this in a way is sort of a big parenthesis leading up to the big question,” Akin responded. “And this is what I was being asked by Jaco, actually, because he was trying to put me on the spot. And the question is this? Does a child conceived in rape deserve the same chance at life as a child conceived in love. That’s the big question. For me, I’ve answered it. The answer is yes.”

Akin said people who dare to contest the accepted narrative on issues dear to the hearts of progressives should expect the public shaming tactics that were carried out against him. George Will experienced it after his commentary on college rapes and Rush Limbaugh got a taste of it when he spoke out against Sandra Fluke’s claim to a right of free birth control. Some even accused Will of having a “Todd Akin moment.”

“It’s become this issue that you just can’t discuss rationally and objectively in the public arena, why?” Farah asked.

Akin said it goes back to Saul Alinsky and his “Rules for Radicals” tome, which provided clear advice on how radical leftists should treat their enemies.

“You try to destroy their character, you make fun of them and you don’t deal with the issue or the question at hand. You label them as, oh they’re sexist or they’re racist or they’re this,” Akin said. “And you repeat it endlessly and you put labels on them and you have such a big megaphone with the liberal media, and then they’re increasingly training people not to stick your head up because they’ll label you with the same label as someone else.

“It’s a form of very destructive politics. It’s the attempt to destroy people’s credibility. And it’s used by the left very effectively to the point that the Republicans cower and are afraid of it.”

Akin said people ask him if he’s afraid that maybe he’s getting the Republicans in trouble by writing a book or taking a strong stance on issues deemed too controversial, such as the value of a human life.

“My belief is, it’s time in America for heroes, for people who have the courage to stand up for what’s right, to call truth truth, for calling what they’re doing a terrible tactic to destroy America, and to destroy other people,” he said. “And just call them out on that. And anything that’s based on lies and distrust, untruth. We just have to fight these things, and we have to take them head on and stop being afraid of these guys.”

He said he believes many Americans still do value life and would intervene to help protect innocent lives that are in danger. He points in his book to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks as the most obvious example of what he calls the “selflessness” of basic American values.

“There is inside America a certain core of people that have certain basic beliefs that have always been precious to the heritage of our nation … and part of those beliefs is to give yourself to help others … to be there to help the other guy,” Akin said. “It’s not me first. There’s a selflessness among a whole lot of very decent Americans that may not be very famous or popular. And you saw that on Sept. 11. I make a case in ‘Firing Back.’ That, you see, what people practice, they become. You take a guy like Todd Beamer. He’s grown up and he’s learned to do things for other people, to assume some leadership. He’s strong and he cares about other people. And when it comes game time on September 11 he is leading the charge to save those of us who are in the Capitol building.

“Now, skip over to somebody else, that I don’t know the name of, who had spent their life trying to get something for nothing, and when Sept 11 happened, they were some of the looters, which we care to forget about,” he continued. “And those are the choices that every American has before them. Do you want to be part of the solution or do you want to be just one of those people who is kind of going into the mist of darkness, where there’s no freedom, no satisfaction, no joy.”

Source: WND