Mitt Romney: Obama worse than I expected


(WASHINGTON TIMES) — BECKLEY, W.Va. — When Mitt Romney stumped here Tuesday for a trio of Republican candidates for Congress, the event had all the trappings of a “Romney for President” rally.

The crowd chanted, “Mitt! Mitt! Mitt!” They applauded loudest when the 2012 Republican standard-bearer took center stage, eclipsing the three Republican candidates who actually will be on West Virginia ballots in November.

Outside the event, union activists demonstrated. They denounced Mr. Romney as a “fat cat” and the “king of exporting jobs.”

Mr. Romney endured the same kinds of attacks during his run as the 2012 Republican presidential nominee.

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Holder briefs Ferguson on civil-rights probe


(ST. LOUIS TODAY) Since the Aug. 9 shooting death of Michael Brown, the nation and the world have witnessed the unrest that has gripped Ferguson, Mo. At the core of these demonstrations is a demand for answers about the circumstances of this young man’s death and a broader concern about the state of our criminal justice system.

At a time when so much may seem uncertain, the people of Ferguson can have confidence that the Justice Department intends to learn — in a fair and thorough manner — exactly what happened.

Wednesday, I will be in Ferguson to be briefed on the federal civil rights investigation that I have closely monitored since I launched it more than one week ago. I will meet personally with community leaders, FBI investigators and federal prosecutors from the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division and the U.S. Attorney’s Office to receive detailed briefings on the status of this case.

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Store clerk


Editor’s note: Do you need something to smile about? Every day, WND selects the best joke offered up by readers and contributors to its Laughlines forum and brings it to you as the WND Joke of the Day. Here is today’s offering:

I was at the drugstore and noticed a young male cashier staring at the pretty girl in front of me. Her total came to $16.42, and after handing over a $100 bill, she waited for change.

“Here you go,” said the cashier, smiling as he returned the proper amount. “Have a great day!”

Now I placed my items on the counter. The tally was $32.79, and I too gave the cashier a $100 bill.

“I’m sorry, Ma’am. We can’t accept anything larger than a fifty,” he told me, pointing to a sign stating store policy.

“But you just accepted that last girl’s hundred,” I reasoned.

“I had to,” he said. “It had her phone number on it.”

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Is militarization of cops needed?



By Paul Bremmer

There’s been criticism of militarized police actions in Ferguson, Missouri, where officers for more than a week have been trying to head off riots, vandalism, looting and burning that erupted in the wake of the shooting of a black teenager by a policeman.

There’s been tear gas, multi-purpose military vehicles, smoke grenades, flak-jacketed officers, curfews and more.

But one author who has written extensively about black mob violence says he’s not particularly concerned over that aspect of the violent situation.

He said that’s because the killing of Michael Brown on Aug. 9 has brought out an ugly side of the black community – hatred for police.

According to multiple reports, some protesters have lobbed Molotov cocktails at police sent to quell riots. Other rioters stood on top of police cars and taunted officers. Death threats have been made against members of the Ferguson Police Department.

“The weird thing to me about Ferguson is the people are now out of the closet, the people who say this violence is justified because of white racism,” said Colin Flaherty, the author of “White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It.”. “They’re being very explicit about it, much more so than I’ve ever seen in the past.”

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Flaherty doesn’t think the Ferguson riots are justified, and he is more sympathetic toward the tactics police have felt they need to use to battle rioters. He said he has seen thousands of videos of black mob violence all over the country, in big cities and small towns alike, and that violence has convinced him that police have to militarize.

“There’s an enormous amount of large-scale violence, and the police are being confronted every day with racial animosity on an individual and group level, and so I don’t worry about the paramilitary operations of the police department,” he said.

There were two startling examples of black hatred of the police on back-to-back weekends last month, according to Flaherty. On July 5, Indianapolis Police Officer Perry Renn was shot and killed by black gunman Major Davis Jr. Davis’ family blamed Renn for the incident, telling a local TV station the officer should have stayed in his car because he could see that Davis had a gun.

Several officers in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department responded by starting a social media campaign to assert their commitment to stand up to dangerous criminals. In a series of short Facebook videos, officers can be seen declaring that they will always get out of their cars.

Rev. Charles Harrison, one of the leaders of the 10 Point Coalition in Indianapolis, which works to mediate individuals in the black community from retaliating in violence after one crime has been committed, told the Indianapolis Star, “This generation of young people does not have any respect for authority in general and are much more willing to be confrontational with the police.”

The next weekend, on July 13, black gunman Lawrence Campbell shot and killed a young police officer outside a Walgreens store in Jersey City, New Jersey. He himself was later shot and killed by police. Campbell’s wife told a local TV station that she wished her husband had taken as many cops as possible with him to the grave. Somebody even set up a makeshift memorial for Campbell near his house.

Flaherty talks to police officers all over the country about what they go through.

“They tell me, when they roll up in a ghetto, or maybe to a group of black people outside of a store, oftentimes people are singing the song ‘F— tha Police’ [a 1988 N.W.A. rap hit]. This is an old song, and they’re still singing it. Sometimes, they’ll take their fingers, and they’ll point it and shoot it at the cops,” Flaherty said.

Statistics reveal black people encounter police and arrest situations at a much higher rate than their white counterparts. According to 2012 FBI statistics, 4,203 blacks were arrested for murder and nonnegligent manslaughter, versus 4,101 whites, and police arrested 44,002 blacks for robbery, versus only 34,000 whites, despite the fact whites make up a much larger share of the total U.S. population.

Flaherty, however, doesn’t buy the typical liberal explanation for the differing rates of arrest.

“The big lie is the only reason that black people and white people are arrested in different amounts for different crimes is because of white racism,” Flaherty said.

The author sees those who enable black mob violence – he suggests names like President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder – as just as culpable as those who actually perpetrate the violence.

“The president and the attorney general are encouraging, denying, condoning, enabling this enormous level of black mob violence all around the country and especially in Ferguson,” Flaherty said. “This is an enormous tragedy.”

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Who really has rights to land of Israel?

By Focus on Israel


The Jewish people claim Israel as their homeland. The Palestinians say the Jews are “occupying” it. Forces on all sides would like to drive the Jewish people from it.

But who really has a right to the land?

This episode of “Focus on Israel” features part of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations’ newest documentary, “Israel Indivisible: The Case for the Ancient Homeland”. This feature-length film focuses on the proof that the Jewish people have rights to the land. More and more archeological and historical discoveries are made each year that prove the accuracy of both the Bible and other historical texts. On a legal level, many international treaties and resolutions also prove and support Israel’s existence and rights.

“Israel Indivisible” tells the story of Israel and the Jewish people as seen and heard through the lives and voices of the people who lived and died to establish and hold the land God calls His. From Abram and the promise, to the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the film examines the biblical, archeological and historical evidence for the ancient and modern country of Israel.

The film also exposes the many political twists and turns that make Israel the world’s most controversial nation. At the center of all of this history is a group of people who are agreeably the world’s most persecuted. The story of the many is tied together in the story of the one, and that one is Israel.

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Filmed on location in Israel, the documentary features archeological and historical sites throughout the land. Numerous experts also speak on the rights the Jewish people have to their homeland by the overwhelming evidence in the biblical, historical, archaeological and legal arenas.

Some of the experts featured include:

  • Daniel “Danny” Ayalon, deputy foreign minister of Israel. Formerly he served as Israeli ambassador to the United States from 2002 until 2006
  • Caroline Glick, American-Israeli journalist, deputy managing editor of The Jerusalem Post
  • Dr. Erwin Lutzer, senior pastor of The Moody Church since 1980, award-winning author of more than 20 books
  • Rabbi Ken Spiro, Middle East historian with Jerusalem Online University
  • Roger Simon, novelist and screenwriter. He was formerly CEO of PJ Media
  • James Woolsey, former director of the CIA
  • Chris Mitchell, the Middle East bureau chief for CBN News
  • Richard Perle, assistant secretary of Defense, the Reagan administration
  • Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean, Simon Wiesenthal Center
  • Dr. Patrice Gordon, pastor at City of David Church

To order the full-length version of this powerful film, visit the WND superstore.

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Video: ISIS beheads American journalist


(FOX NEWS) The Obama administration said Tuesday that it was working to confirm the authenticity of a newly-released video that purportedly shows the killing of American freelance journalist James Foley by Islamic State militants.

White House National Security Council spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said the administration has seen the video. She said that if it’s deemed genuine by the intelligence community, the U.S. would be “appalled by the brutal murder of an innocent American journalist.”

Fox News has learned that the video, which is being taken seriously by U.S. officials, is being analyzed by a special group within the US intelligence community that specializes in media exploitation. The group, formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, is believed to have other Americans in their custody.

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Destroying churches part of ‘Islamic doctrine’

By Michael Carl


A campaign by ISIS, also known as Islamic State, to destroy churches across Mosul, one of the ancient seats of Christianity where the faith has been practiced for 2,000 years, complies with the teaching of the Quran, according to several analysts.

The ISIS army of Islamic terrorists has been marching across Iraq, destroying Christians and evidence of their faith for months now. ISIS is blamed for the destruction of about 45 churches in Mosul.

Robert Spencer, author and Islamic terror analyst at Jihad Watch, says the violent campaign “does seem to have been a coordinated, planned action.”

And Clare Lopez, Center for Security Policy vice president for research, said an attack on Christianity is the ultimate expression of Islam.

“ISIS is the purest expression of Islamic doctrine, law and scripture,” she said.

Lopez noted the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has a doctorate in Islamic studies.

“The leaders at least are highly educated, very sophisticated, deeply devout Muslims determined to achieve the dual objectives of Caliphate and Shariah,” Lopez said.

Spencer said the Quran actually talks about protecting churches, quoting from Sura 22:40.

The Quran passage says: “If Allah had not driven some people back by means of others, monasteries, churches, synagogues and mosques, where Allah’s name is mentioned much, would have been pulled down and destroyed.”

But he said Muslim clerics “often interpret this as referring only to the churches and synagogues in which everyone became Muslim, and not to churches and synagogues of the ‘unbelievers among the People of the Book,’ according to Sura 98:6.”

Spencer said the verse refers to Jews and Christians who did not become Muslim.

“The conversion into mosques of the churches of those people is just fine, and there is abundant precedent for it in Islamic history, especially when lands are newly conquered by jihadists, as in the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Damascus and others,” Spencer said.

Mark Durie of the Center for the Study of Islam and Other Faiths, said the destruction of Christian churches would be expected under a Muslim jihad.

“The churches are symbols of idolatry … and as such are being destroyed so they will not incite idolatrous worship in people. Shiite mosques are being destroyed for the same reason, only in the case of the Shiites, they are considered to be apostates,” Durie said.

And he noted some churches apparently are being spared for use by the Islamists.

“Some are converted to mosques, after the crosses and other visible symbols of Christianity have been destroyed,” Durie said.

But he said the recent destruction of Jonah’s tomb was done as part of jihad.

“Being Christian or Jewish is irrelevant. Jonah is a Muslim prophet, too, and his tomb would have been a site for Muslim pilgrimage and devotions for more than 1,000 years. They destroy all Islamic shrines and holy places, because they consider them to incite people to idolatry. The Wahhabis did this in Saudi Arabia long time ago,” Durie said.

A former CIA station chief who asked not to be identified for security reasons agreed the ISIS decision to destroy churches is consistent with their faith.

“ISIS and all other Muslim Brotherhood groups, along with the Shia groups like Iran and Hezbollah, are manifestations of true Islam,” he said.

“All Muslims hate Christianity and Judaism … they have to; it’s mandated in the Quran and the hadiths,” he said. “To illustrate the true Islamic nature of ISIS, one simply needs to pull descriptions of Muhammad’s actions from history and also quote what he says via the Quran and hadiths about waging war against all non-Muslims, and the use of rape, torture and terror towards non-Muslims.”

Spencer said such hatred of Christian reflects their teaching.

“Certainly their hatred is prompted by the Quran. Sura 9:30 says that those who say Jesus is the Son of God are under the curse of Allah. Suras 5:17 and 5:72 say that those who confess the divinity of Christ are unbelievers.”

Lopez said that lines up with Muslims’ determination to exercise their beliefs.

“It’s that they are determined to implement the doctrine of their faith. That doctrine is conquest to the extent possible. Any who stand in the way of that objective must die,” Lopez said.

Durie said it’s just ISIS acting as one would expect ISIS to act.

“The things being done reflect the pattern of Muhammad’s own actions, as well as subsequent Islamic jihad campaigns throughout history. For example, the way captive women are being sold matches Muhammad’s example,” he said.

“Likewise, the killing of Yazidi men, but allowing Christian men to pay the jizya to avoid being killed – this is guided by the Quran.”

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Support grows for Ferguson officer

By Leo Hohmann

Officer Darren Wilson of Ferguson Police Department

Officer Darren Wilson of Ferguson Police Department

Support is growing for the officer who shot an 18-year-old black man in Ferguson, Missouri,with several Facebook pages and an online fundraising campaign for his legal defense raising $40,000 in just 48 hours.

As more facts have emerged in the case over the past couple of days, Officer Darren Wilson is finding more people in his corner, supporting his decision to fire on Michael Brown, a 6-foot-4 teenager who weighed over 300 pounds but was unarmed at the time of the shooting.

Wilson’s supporters have established a fundraising page on his behalf at But that page is not easy to find. That’s because the website’s search engine does not produce results for Wilson’s campaign, like it does for a similar fundraising page for Brown’s family.

Searches for “Darren Wilson” and “Officer Darren Wilson” yielded no results at Tuesday. A user can view the page if they know the specific URL, which is at

There, one will find that Wilson’s supporters had raised $40,005 as of 7:30 p.m. Tuesday with a goal of raising $100,000. The money was raised from 1,044 people in two days.

The administrator of the page, contacted by WND, asked not to be contacted further by the press, fearing that she could become a target of violence.

“Thank you for reaching out. We are not interested in speaking with the press at this time,” she wrote in an email to WND. “Please do not attempt to contact myself or any member of my family.”

“We stand behind Officer Darren Wilson and his family during this trying time in their lives,” a statement on the site said. “All proceeds will be sent directly to Darren Wilson and his family for any financial needs they may have including legal fees.”

The Michael Brown Memorial Fund, by comparison, has raised $89,133 as of 3 p.m., surpassing its original goal of $80,000. The money has been raised in five days from 3,651 people. The Brown family’s page pops up as the second listing on the site when a user searches “Michael Brown.” The stated purpose of the fundraising drive is listed as legal expenses for the Brown family.

“These funds will assist his family with costs that they will acquire as they seek justice on Michael’s behalf. All funds will be given to the Michael Brown family,” the page states and is undersigned by Benjamin L. Crump, Brown family attorney.

WND contacted GoFundMe and was told that Officer Wilson’s page did not meet its criteria for being included in the search engine.

“All GoFundMe campaigns must meet a certain criteria in order to be listed in our Public Search Directory,” said a public relations officer with the company who only identified herself in an email as “Kelsea.”

She said the campaign for Officer Wilson “does not have a Facebook account connected, and so it is not eligible to be listed in our Search Directory. She pointed WND to the website’s Public Search Directory requirements.

The support for Wilson comes as the first reports surfaced Tuesday about the injury he suffered in the confrontation with Brown that led up to the shooting on Aug. 9, an incident that touched off 10 days of protests and rioting in the suburban St. Louis town of 21,000 people.

Wilson suffered an “orbital blowout fracture” of his eye socket, the Gateway Pundit reported, citing two unnamed sources within the District Attorney’s Office and in the St. Louis County police.

An orbital blowout fracture is a fracture of one or more of the bones surrounding the eye and is commonly referred to as an orbital floor fracture.

Wilson has been a police officer for six years, four with Ferguson Police Department. He has no disciplinary actions on his record, according to a statement by the department. His name was released on Friday, at the same time the department released a video of a tall young black man that appears to be Brown robbing a store of a box of cigars.

Meanwhile, a St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter tweeted out last night that a dozen local witnesses confirmed Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson’s version of the Brown shooting story.

USA Today reported that support for Wilson has been growing. A number of Facebook pages have popped up on behalf of the officer and his family and many of his fellow officers have been weighing in saying they would have done the same thing Wilson did under similar circumstances.

The “I support Officer Wilson” Facebook page has garnered more than 36,000 “likes” by 4 p.m. Tuesday.

Indicative of many of the comments on the page was that of Mikey and Billie-Jane Klug, who stated “Officer Wilson faced off with a big bad thug and defended himself, nothing more to it, and we support him and law enforcement.”

A grand jury could begin hearing evidence Wednesday to determine whether Wilson should be charged in Brown’s death, but it’s unclear how long that may take, said Ed Magee, spokesman for St. Louis County’s prosecuting attorney, told USA Today. The Justice Department is conducting a separate civil rights investigation, which also could result in charges.

After a week of rioting, the scene in Ferguson has devolved further every night this week with reports of more violence. CNN reported that one-fourth of all those arrested have been “outsiders” entering Ferguson and working to agitate the crowds.

There were 78 arrests and four people hurt Monday night as the demonstrations again disintegrated into chaos. Of those 78 arrested, only four were from Ferguson, police said.

Source: WND