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Christian school told to have Muslim imam lead assemblies

By Bob Unruh

A1ENDA Headmaster takes pupils and staff assembly in modern school hall

Regulators have informed a Christian school that it needs to have a Muslim imam come in to lead assemblies for its students in order to teach “British values” including diversity, or face the possible penalty of closure, according to a new report from the Christian Institute.

The threat comes as part of a series of new school inspections imposed by the government because of a “Trojan horse” scandal where several public schools in Birmingham, England, were taken over by their managers, who then introduced an Islamist teaching standard.

The nation’s Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills then demanded that all schools teach “British values,” including diversity, even in the face of mounting opposition from educators because of the ripple effect of such regulations.

Simon Calvert, deputy director of the Christian Institute, said, “Worryingly, evidence is already emerging of how the new regulations are requiring Ofsted inspection teams to behave in ways which do not respect the religious ethos of faith schools.”

He continued, “The new requirements are infringing the rights of children, parents, teachers, and schools to hold and practice their religious beliefs.”

Opposition also has come from the National Association of Jewish Orthodox Schools, whose officials said they were “appalled” by the demands.

According to a report by John Bingham, religious affairs editor for the Telegraph, inspectors claimed the school, which was identified only as a “successful Christian school,” was failing to promote “tolerance.”

Bingham reported the details were in a letter to Education Secretary Nicky Morgan from the Institute, which is providing guidance to the school.

“In the latest case inspectors are understood to have warned the head that the school, which was previously rated as ‘good’ that it would be downgraded to ‘adequate’ for failing to meet standards requiring it to ‘actively promote’ harmony between different faiths because it had failed to bring in representatives from other religions,” he reported.

The report said there would be further inspections “which could ultimately lead to it being closed.”

The Christian Institute, which is planning a legal challenge to the regulations, said the school was told “to invite a leader from another religion, such as an imam, to lead assemblies.”

A spokeswoman for the government agency told the newspaper, “Under Ofsted’s revised guidance for the inspection of schools, inspectors now pay greater attention to ensuring that schools provide a broad and balanced education for their pupils, so that young people are well prepared for the next stage in their education, or for employment and for life in modern Britain.”

Included in the evaluation are the spiritual, moral, social and cultural perspectives of students.

The agency spokeswoman said, “This includes, among other factors, pupils’ acceptance and engagement of different faiths and beliefs, and their understanding and appreciation of the range of different cultures within school and further afield,” the Telegraph reported.

WND reported only a few weeks ago when the same rules were being blamed for requiring teachers to “challenge” the religious beliefs of parents “in the name of equality.”

The Institute said a report from Peter Clarke, the former chief of counter-terrorism for the Metropolitan Police, said school children in the “Trojan Horse” schools were encouraged to express vocal support for anti-Christian remarks and Christmas was banned.

The report found a “coordinated, deliberate and sustained action, carried out by a number of associated individuals, to introduce an intolerant and aggressive Islamic ethos into a few schools in Birmingham.”

But the Institute said the reaction was an overreach, and the rules call for teachers to “actively promote” the rights defined in the Equality Act 2010, including sexual orientation and transsexual rights.

The schools also “will be required to challenge parents” on their values if they contradict what the government has determined is “equality,” a legal analysis concluded.

Source: WND

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Corsi’s shocker, ‘Atomic Iran’ – $4.95 today only!


When Iran’s leaders call fervently and publicly for Islam’s fabled messiah, or “Mahdi,” to come to earth – something Islam teaches can happen only after an apocalyptic holocaust that leaves most of the world’s population dead – the “mainstream press” is oblivious. But to make readers aware of what America is truly up against, today only WND is offering Jerome Corsi’s explosive expose of the coming Iranian nuclear nightmare, “Atomic Iran,” for $4.95 – a $12 savings!

Written by Jerome Corsi – author of two No. 1 New York Times best sellers – “Atomic Iran” reveals the No. 1 danger in a very dangerous part of the world.

Indeed, Iran is on a collision course with the U.S., Europe and Israel because of its support of terrorism, including al-Qaida and Hezbollah, and its rapid development of nuclear weapons.

Iran’s leaders’ apocalyptic belief in the near-term coming of an Islamic messiah, along with Western fears that Iran may try to hasten that day by bringing about a nuclear holocaust, have made it the world’s most dangerous nation – dangerous not just to the Middle East, but to America.

“Atomic Iran” is not just the story of the Iranian threat itself. It is also explains how greedy U.S. politicians sold their souls and American technology to make that threat a reality.

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College ‘breaks law promoting rally for Democrat’


(CAMPUSREFORM) — A public university in New York violated federal election laws by sending out an email promoting a campaign rally for Democratic congressional incumbent Rep. Tim Bishop (N.Y.) and former-President Bill Clinton, an elections lawyer told Campus Reform on Monday.

The email, obtained by Campus Reform, went out to the entire student body urging them to sign up for the Wednesday event using their school-issued email addresses. It was “[p]aid for by the New York Democratic Committee,” according to its signature, and also appears to violate the school’s long-standing policy against using resources to aid political candidates or causes, according to the school’s College Republican chapter.

“They are in violation of this section of the law because they are not supposed to show favoritism under the federal campaign finance laws.” — Cleta Mitchell, political law attorney

Cleta Mitchell, a political law attorney with Foley & Lardner LLP, examined the email on Monday and recommended the College Republicans group file a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission against both the university and Bishop’s campaign.

Source: WND

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Congress hands Obama keys to Iran nuke deal

By Garth Kant


WASHINGTON – The Obama administration is reportedly making feverish attempts to strike what critics consider a potentially disastrous nuclear agreement with Iran, and Congress not only may be powerless to stop the deal, lawmakers have no one to blame but themselves, according to a leading analyst of Islam and terrorism.

The New York Times reported many in the White House believe an agreement designed to keep Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons would be the most important foreign policy accomplishment of the Obama presidency. But if a deal is struck, the paper said, Obama will do everything in his power to avoid letting Congress vote on it.

The Times revealed a secret Treasury Department study concluded the president can suspend most of the sanctions currently imposed on Iran without a congressional vote. Many critics contend removing the sanctions would only boost Iran’s covert attempt to develop nuclear weapons, regardless of what promises the Islamic republic might make.

Who gave the president the power to bypass Congress?

Congress did, according to Andrew C. McCarthy, political analyst, best-selling author, former adviser to the deputy secretary of defense and former assistant U.S. attorney in New York.

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney in New York Andrew C. McCarthy

“The fact of the matter is that, in enacting the sanctions, Congress explicitly afforded the president wide discretion to waive their terms based on his assessment of the national interest,” McCarthy told WND.

Technically, only Congress can permanently end the sanctions on Iran. But given the considerable wiggle room Congress has given the president, McCarthy indicated it would not be surprising to see Obama effectively attempt that.

“While a president cannot unilaterally repeal them, he has broad power to refrain from enforcing them,” McCarthy said. “We know from experience that Mr. Obama has declined to enforce laws that do not endow him with that kind of discretion, so there is every reason to expect non-enforcement where Congress has undeniably given him that power.”

Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, told WND that Obama isn’t seizing executive power.

“Congress is handing it to him with a bow on it,” he said.

WND contacted a number of lawmakers seeking comment, but most were perhaps not inclined to acknowledge having given Obama unilateral authority on such a sensitive and important issue.

Stockman, who is leaving Congress at the end of his term, pulled no punches.

“The reason we’re seeing an increasingly imperial presidency is because a timid Congress is more than happy to let the White House make all decisions,” the congressman said.

And by cutting itself out of the loop, Congress essentially did the same to the public when Capitol Hill leaders made a deal with Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Wendy Smith to avoid giving public testimony on negotiations. Instead, she gave classified briefings to key committees.

The administration apparently wants to bypass Congress and keep negotiations out of public view because, according to the Times, Obama’s advisers believe they would lose a vote by lawmakers on permanently ending sanctions, even if the Democrats retain control of the Senate in November elections.

Not only are lawmakers now worried they will be bypassed in approving a deal, they are concerned the administration will make a bad deal.

Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., said: “If a potential deal does not substantially and effectively dismantle Iran’s illicit nuclear weapons program, I expect Congress will respond. An agreement cannot allow Iran to be a threshold nuclear state.”

The Democrat sponsored a bill to increase sanctions if the administration does not strike a deal with Iran by a negotiating deadline of Nov. 24.

Referring to the 2010 vote that put the sanctions in place, Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., said, “Congress will not permit the president to unilaterally unravel Iran sanctions that passed the Senate in a 99 to 0 vote.”

Congress has reason to fear that scenario because, the Times reports, negotiations have focused intently on how sanctions would be suspended. And, as the paper also notes, sanctions are the greatest leverage the U.S. has in attempting to force Iranian compliance.

The White House disputed the Times report Monday, with National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan calling it “preposterous” and “incorrect.”

“Why would we ever, ever, ever agree to lift all Iran-U.S. sanctions [in the first phase of a deal]?” protested Meehan. “It makes no sense.”

 National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan

National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan

However, she avoided directly answering whether the White House had attempted to obtain authorization from the Treasury Department to suspend some sanctions as part of a deal with Iran.

Instead, she said, “It is too soon to say what mix of executive and legislative action there would be.”

Traditionally, Congress would have to approve a deal lifting sanctions, because, as McCarthy noted, “In principle, if an international agreement imposes burdens on the United States, it should be regarded as a treaty and subjected to the Constitution’s requirements — including that it cannot be ratified without super-majority (two-thirds) support in the Senate.

“But it is difficult if not impossible to insist that this principle be honored if Congress has already empowered the president to act unilaterally,” he added.

And the power Congress has bestowed on the president would apparently allow him to unilaterally suspend the sanctions rather than technically end them.

Perhaps not surprisingly, a suspension of sanctions is something the Iranians have indicated they would accept.

McCarthy indicated there is an ominous reason the Iranians would agree: It would effectively give them what they want.

“[T]he Iranians are likely to be very content with a presidential waiver rather than full congressional repeal of the sanctions,” he said. “If, as is highly likely, the impending deal gets Iran within the flip of a switch of having nuclear weapons capability, the chance that sanctions would be fully reimposed again when Obama leaves office more than two years from now is remote.”

WND’s Aaron Klein has learned the impending prospect of Iran obtaining nuclear weapons capability has its Persian Gulf neighbors scared.

Klein reported WND has obtained a document prepared by Saudi Arabia’s intelligence organization that states, as expected, Iran would be allowed to maintain a civilian nuclear infrastructure.

However, the New York Times also warns: “Western nations will still allow Iran enough nuclear material to assemble weapons within months if Tehran decides to abrogate the agreement at any time.”

Additionally, the document has determined the U.S. and other Western powers currently negotiating with Iran — the United Kingdom, France, Germany, China and Russia– are willing to reach an agreement with Tehran at any price before next month’s deadline.

Also worried about that prospect is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Jerusalem Post reported the U.S. would agree to a deal that would leave Iran with 5,000 centrifuges, the machines used to process nuclear fuel.

One centrifuges is too many for Netanyahu, who told President Obama the risk is too great.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama

When Netanyahu and Obama met in the Oval Office Oct. 1, the Israeli leader implored the president to require Iran to dismantle all of its centrifuges as a requirement for lifting sanctions.

“Iran seeks a deal that would lift the tough sanctions that you worked so hard to put in place and leave it as a threshold nuclear power,” the prime minister told the president. “I fervently hope that under your leadership that would not happen.”

A senior U.S. officia said recently: “We will consider a very limited enrichment program for peaceful purposes that is highly monitored for a substantial period of time.”

But Iran has no need for centrifuges, the Israeli prime minister maintained.

“They say we want civilian nuclear energy. Well, so does Canada, Indonesia, Mexico, Sweden. Seventeen countries that have civilian nuclear energy and they don’t have a single centrifuge, because you really need centrifuges not for civilian energy, but to make bombs,” Netanyahu told CNN earlier this month.

Follow Garth Kant @DCgarth

Source: WND

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Maker of short film seeks centuries-long impact

By Bob Unruh


A producer of the short film “Crescendo” hopes to impact viewers in America today, Brazil tomorrow and across Africa “100 years from now” with its a message of the value of life and the dignity of motherhood.

Jason Scott Jones told WND he and his colleagues had in mind the great cathedrals of Europe, whose simple existence speaks to the faith of the generations that built them, when they envisioned the film’s impact.

“Our goal with this film was to create a monument to the incomparable dignity of the human person that would transcend time and culture,” he said.

“Crescendo,” which already has won 15 international film festival awards, is being made available for a time for free viewing on YouTube.

Just under 13 minutes long, it’s a poignant portrait of Maria Magdalena Beethoven, the mother of 19th-century composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

The project was very personal for crew members, Jones told WND.

He was just 17 when his pregnant girlfriend’s father, who discovered her secret when she tried to get prescription vitamins, forced her to abort her baby girl. “Crescendo” is dedicated to “Jessica Jones,” who would have been 23 at the time of the film’s release.

The executive producer is Pattie Mallette, the mother of pop singer Justin Bieber, who gave birth to him at age 18 after her friends urged her to get an abortion.

Also producing was Eduardo Verastegui, whose other works include “Bella.”

View the movie online now, or visit the WND Superstore for your own copy of “Crescendo.”

The movie already has been used, during its limited theatrical release, to raise an estimated $6 million for crisis pregnancy centers. Jones told WND plans are under way to raise another $4 million.

But the film’s impact still hasn’t been calculated.

“This is the most powerful pro-life movie of its kind. It’s a life-changer for many people – even those who consider themselves ‘pro-choice.’ And a significant percentage of every purchase goes to aid crisis-pregnancy centers around the U.S,” said Joseph Farah, WND’s co-founder and CEO.

Mallette called “Crescendo” a” celebration of the strength, beauty, fortitude and dignity of women.”

Jones said the team went looking for a project that would “communicate the comparable beauty and dignity of a child in the world.”

“We wanted to do it in a way that transcended cultures and time,” he said.

He said the project is working with several hundred pregnancy centers, under different networks and organizations to give women the support they need “to make the choice for the life of the child.”

Alveda King, pastoral associate of Priests for Life, said, “Crescendo touches the heart and soul of life’s bittersweet song with a powerful promise that if the notes are left in God’s hand, He will create a masterpiece.”

And Ted Baehr, founder and publisher of Movieguide, said, “Crescendo is a beautiful, powerful, transformational short movie that reveals an important deeper truth.”

View the movie online now, or visit the WND Superstore for your own copy of “Crescendo.”

See the trailer here:

Source: WND

Now it’s jail time for faithful Christians

By Joseph Farah

Do you believe marriage is for members of the opposite sex?

How strongly do you believe that?

Is your belief strong enough to face jail time for your opinion?

How would you feel if you were forced by a city or state or federal government to participate in a same-sex wedding?

Would your opinion change if your decision not to participate could land you in jail?

These are not hypothetical questions for Christian pastors Donald and Evelyn Knapp.

They are actually living this nightmare in bucolic Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

The owners of the Hitching Post wedding chapel were the latest believers to be set up by homosexual activists for prosecution and persecution for their religious convictions that include the very simple and fundamental biblical principal, first enunciated in Genesis and later affirmed by Jesus in the Gospels, that marriage is a union between one man and one woman.

I surmise they were set up because they were entrapped in what has clearly become a nationwide pattern in which homosexuals approach Christian caterers, photographers, videographers, cake bakers, florists and other professionals who work weddings to provide services for same-sex marriage ceremonies and celebrations.

I can almost predict Christian musicians will be next. It seems to be the one professional group missing from the targets of homosexual intolerance and coercive government tyranny.

If you don’t think this is a big deal, consider how fast the same-sex marriage craze has spread in a few years.

Four years ago, Barack Obama claimed to be undecided about same-sex marriage. Two years ago, he said he was personally supportive but thought it should be left to the states to decide. This week he told the New Yorker he has determined the U.S. Constitution absolutely guarantees same-sex marriage to anyone who wants to take part in them.

Experience more of Joseph Farah’s no-nonsense truth-telling in his books, audio and video products, featured in the WND Superstore

Increasingly, however, we see what this means to people who simply disagree because of their principled convictions of faith. State and local laws and officials are already determining religious convictions and First Amendment rights take a backseat to this newly discovered inalienable right for men to marry men and women to marry women.

People like the Knapps, who believe sincerely that marriage is a sacred covenant between a man and a woman, are part of the new class destined for jail, re-education camps or the unemployment line.

The Knapps, though, are fighting back, God bless them. They have filed a lawsuit to defend themselves.

“Performing same-sex wedding ceremonies would … force the Knapps to condone, promote and even consecrate something forbidden by their religious beliefs and ordination vows,” the suit reads.

As for Coeur d’Alene, it does not even have a law specifically regarding same-sex marriage. But the city did pass an ordinance prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation in 2013. It applies to housing, employment and “public accommodation.” Religious entities are exempt from the ordinance. But City Attorney Warren Wilson has determined for-profit businesses like the Knapps’ Hitching Post would be forced to comply.

By the way, Warren gave that view publicly before anyone asked the Knapps for use of their facility for a same-sex wedding. Only last Friday did a man call the business to ask if he could hold one there. The Knapps politely rejected the offer. Now they are requesting a temporary restraining order to stop the city from throwing the book at them.

They would face up to 180 days in jail and $1,000 in fines for each day they refuse to conduct same-sex weddings. That means they could face three-and-a-half years in jail and $7,000 in fines for a week of civil disobedience.




I suppose the “fundamental transformation of America” is nearly complete.

How do you like it so far?

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Saudis sound alarm on Obama ‘caving’ to Iran

By Aaron Klein


TEL AVIV – The U.S. and Western powers currently negotiating with Iran on its nuclear capability are willing to reach an agreement with Tehran at any price, warns a paper prepared by Saudi Arabia’s intelligence organizations.

The document, the contents of which were obtained by WND, was presented by the Saudis this week to all members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, an umbrella made up of all Arab states of the Persian Gulf, except for Iraq. The council consists of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

According to the Saudi intelligence document, the P5+1 powers of the U.S., United Kingdom, France, Germany, China and Russia attempting to reach a deal with Iran ahead of next month’s deadline have conceded Iran can maintain a civilian nuclear infrastructure, as had been widely assumed.

Find out what the White House is hiding in “The REAL Benghazi,” autographed by bestselling author Aaron Klein

However, the document warns the red lines of the Western nations will still allow Iran enough nuclear material to assemble weapons within months if Tehran decides to abrogate the agreement at any time.

On the eve of midterm elections in the U.S., the Saudis advised members of the Gulf Cooperation Council to try to influence Congress to not approve an agreement that allows Iran to retain any kind of nuclear facility, even for civilian purposes, according to sources within the council.

The Saudis argued that Iran cannot be trusted, alleging that for years Tehran has cheated the community, perpetually hiding aspects of its program from the International Atomic Energy Agency, or IAEA.

The Saudi concern comes as the IAEA this week released a monthly report documenting Iran has been complying with an interim nuclear agreement with the six world powers.

The IAEA inspectors reportedly certified that in keeping with its interim commitments, Iran has diluted more than 4,100 kg of uranium enriched to a fissile concentration of up to 2 percent down to the level of natural uranium.

The Saudi plan to influence Congress may not be very effective, if a recent New York Times expose is accurate.

The Times on Monday reported the Obama administration is seeking ways to cut Congress out of any nuclear deal with Iran by relieving sanctions via White House executive order.

The Times reported the Treasury Department already has determined Obama has the executive authority to “suspend” most sanctions on Iran without any congressional vote.

National Security Council spokeswoman Bernadette Meehan called the Times article “preposterous” and “incorrect.”

“Why would we ever, ever, ever agree to lift all Iran-U.S. sanctions [in the first phase of a deal]?” Meehan. “It makes no sense.”

However, she left open the possibility of suspending some sanctions.

“It is too soon to say what mix of executive and legislative action there would be,” Meehan said.

Source: WND

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Order for 34 million green cards fueling national protests

By Leo Hohmann

Maria Espinoza

Maria Espinoza didn’t hesitate when asked if she would hit the streets this weekend with her banners bearing the names of Americans who had their lives snuffed out by killers who weren’t even supposed to be in the country.

As a first-generation American whose father legally emigrated to the U.S. from Mexico in the 1950s, she takes it personally whenever a fellow citizen is murdered or killed by an illegal immigrant. Most often, she says, they’re killed by a drunken driver or run over in a reckless act of vehicular homicide, but others have been gunned down by gang members.

Maria Espinoza

“We travel everywhere and try to meet with the families and try to educate them as to what is taking place because you’re not going to hear this from the media,” Espinoza told WND. “How many times do we hear ‘another American was killed today by an illegal alien’? We don’t.”

That’s why she formed The Remembrance Project in 2009, and now she has agreed to join up with Americans for Legal Immigration PAC and Overpasses for America in a nationwide series of protests against illegal immigration set for Friday and Saturday, Oct. 24-25.

Here is a list of the more than 205 locations and times for this weekend’s protests.

34 million green cards for illegals?

If protesters needed a last-minute incentive, they got it with the news that President Obama has issued a solicitation for vendors capable of printing of up to 34 million blank green cards, ostensibly to fulfill his promise of granting amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Roy Beck, president of Numbers USA, the nation’s largest organization lobbying for lower levels of immigration, said it’s hard to know exactly what the Obama administration is up to with its massive printing order, but it doesn’t sound good.

“You almost have to laugh about it because it is so frightening. Is there no end to what this administration will try to do to the working people of this country?” he asked. “I can’t believe their intent is to drive down the wages and drive up unemployment. I can’t believe that, but obviously there’s something that’s more important to them than a person making a living wage. And what that something is, well, it’s open to interpretation right now.”

Beck said the number 34 million is very significant.

“It’s interesting because when we went through the big Senate Bill 744 last year, we went through that thing and calculated that they would be giving out 34 million green cards over the next 10 years, if that bill had become law,” Beck said. “So it’s interesting to me that it’s almost exactly the same number we’re hearing now.”

Beck said it appears Obama is gearing up for a big amnesty plan, rather than a small one, and he is most likely to deliver the goods through executive orders.

“There were different estimates (during last year’s Senate debate). But all the estimates ran from a low of 27 or 28 million, up to 35 million over 10 years,” Beck said.

He said the U.S. has been allowing legal immigration of 10 to 11 million immigrants per decade, “and our organization is working desperately to cut that in half.”

Up until the 1980s, the U.S. brought in an average of about 3 million new immigrants per decade, he said.

“And now they want to give out more than 30 million green cards over the next decade,” he said. “People like to use the term ‘war on’ this and ‘war on’ that. You talk about a war on the American wage earner? This is it.”

He said it’s important to remember that a green card is a lifetime permit. “So every one one of these cards issued is someone you’re bringing in to compete with someone who is of working age and doesn’t have a job.”

“You almost have to laugh about it because it is so frightening. Is there no end to what this administration will try to do to the working people of this country?” Beck asked. “I can’t believe their intent is to drive down the wages and drive up unemployment. I can’t believe that, but obviously there’s something that’s more important to them than a person making a living wage. And what that something is, well, it’s open to interpretation right now.”

Stolen lives

Espinoza said a strong message needs to be sent to Washington ahead of the Nov. 4 mid-term elections. And this weekend’s rallies can do that.

“I’m frustrated. I’m saddened. That is just unbelievable, just outrageous,” she said of Obama’s solicitation of contractors to print a minimum of 4 million worker ID cards for illegals per year. “And here on the heels of our families who’ve been victims of horrible tragedy and we’re getting ready to memorialize those who have been burned by these policies.”

The National Day of Remembrance is held on Nov. 2, just two days before Election Day, when Espinoza hopes an even stronger message will be sent to Washington’s establishment through the ballot box. Espinoza has requested that Obama acknowledge the significance of Nov. 2 and meet with one of the thousands of families who have mourned the loss of a loved one at the hand of an illegal alien.

“We have been requesting to meet with him for over a year now, and he has consistently ignored our request,” she said. “So we are joining with Overpasses for America and ALIPAC to get the message out. We will be out in the community with our Stolen Lives Quilt banners.”

Laura Wilkerson of Texas and Jamiel Shaw of California hold banner showing the pictures of Americans who were killed by illegal aliens. Their each lost children to the same fate.

Each quilt bears the names of 25 Americans killed by an illegal alien, she said.

She said it’s impossible to know how many Americans have been killed through crimes committed by illegal immigrants because the government doesn’t keep statistics and the media often don’t report the immigration status of killers.

But it was the few media reports she did see that led her to start The Remembrance Project in 2009 and launch the website, On that site, the stories of lives lost are told.

“I started researching about these killings and found out many of these people who, let’s say it was vehicular homicide, they were illegally in the country, fled the scene and fled the country,” Espinoza said. “Or you have a dr[unken] driving case, and in our research we would find the driver who killed an American had prior convictions. He should have been detained and deported. He was not. He was released back into our community, and he killed an American.

“I was just not understanding why people were not standing up for laws being enforced,” she said. “The media would, in most cases, hide the fact that this person was here illegally.”

Espinoza says truth takes a back seat to political correctness among today’s major media companies and personalities.

“I think a lot of it has to do with political correctness and a certain agenda,” she said. “It seems like the truth has been lost to political correctness, and it’s killing our families.”

Jamiel Shaw Sr. of Los Angeles learned about this firsthand.

His 17-year-old son, a star football player being recruited by Stanford University, was shot and killed in 2008 by an illegal-alien gang member from Mexico with a history of violence. The gang member was given an early release from jail and the very next day murdered Shaw’s son, Jamiel Shaw Jr., three doors down from their home, while his mother was serving in Iraq.

“Jamiel Shaw is very active. He hosts a radio show and knows a lot of celebrities, but when [the celebrities] found out his son was shot by an illegal alien, he never heard from them again,” Espinoza said.

Watch Jamiel Shaw’s emotional testimony before Congress below:

She said every state has a resident who has been killed by an illegal alien.

“We use a quilt, and we call it the Stolen Lives Quilt, because that life was stolen from a family, from our country, and would still be here today if our elected officials were doing their job to serve the citizens,” she said. “We started the Remembrance Project in 2009, and I have to tell you we had no idea what we were doing. It was just trial by error.”

Now she has a volunteer director in more than half the states.

William Gheen, president of ALIPAC, said Espinoza will be a huge asset to the coalition that is working to bring more awareness about the costs of illegal immigration ahead of the Nov. 4 elections.

“Maria brings very important issues to the rallies, which is all the Americans that have been killed by illegal aliens,” said Gheen. “She’s traveling all around the country right now with the Remembrance Project.”

Ebola on their minds

Gheen said the other dominant issue in the news lately, the Ebola outbreak, also ties into immigration.

“The two issues we think are really going to drive people to the polls, at this point, are immigration and the Ebola mishandling, and some of our protesters are going to be wearing medical masks, suits and signs about Ebola,” he said. “Because you can’t stop Ebola without stopping illegal immigration, and you can’t stop illegal immigration unless you stop immigration reform/amnesty. And we’re going to be warning people that Obama is making plans to grant amnesty to up to 34 million illegals.”

Gheen is hoping to energize the conservative base this weekend not only to bring awareness to what he believes is the most important issue of the day, but to get more people to vote in the midterms and help candidates who are trying to upset the status quo being upheld by the leadership of both the Democratic and Republican Parties.

“It’s not enough to just vote, and it’s not enough to just hold a flag on an overpass,” he said. “We need tens of thousands of people connecting with the insurgent campaigns. Our main goal is to channel a volunteer army behind the insurgent campaigns and create a Democrat apocalypse on Nov. 4.

“Unfortunately we have to recognize there are many Republicans on the ballot that stink, but we’re asking people to look for true conservatives for everything from dog catcher up to Congress, and we have an endorsement list now at ALIPAC.US to help them do that.”

Gheen said the “stars are aligned” for a conservative sweep of Congress in the midterms, and that’s what it will take to stop Obama from declaring amnesty for up to 34 million illegals, which is more than 10 percent of the current population of the United States.

“The only thing that will stop him is a historic and unprecedented Democrat apocalypse on Nov. 4. And that can happen,” he said. “The stars are aligned for that, but it’s going to take a groundswell, grassroots movement so we need everyone out to the protests this weekend, out behind the campaigns, out to the polls.”

As of this report, 206 cities and towns across the U.S. had signed up to participate in the protest rallies.

For Beck, the fight is about saving jobs for Americans.

For Espinoza, it’s about saving lives.

And this year, she decided it was time to start getting involved with other groups, such as the rallies organized by ALIPAC and Overpasses for America.

“We’re getting involved in these protests, especially now that Mr. Obama is putting out that he’s going to give authorization to up to 34 million illegals. We’re going to show people the banners of what people go through, our families, when the laws are not upheld and enforced,” Espinoza said “We’ll just be supporting our families and let them know their fellow Americans want to help and prevent other killings.”

Among the other groups participating with ALIPAC, Numbers USA and Remembrance Project in this weekend’s protests will be Family Security Matters, Californians for Population Stabilization, Tea Party Community, Two Million Bikers to D.C., Americans Have Had Enough Coalition, Oath Keepers, America Working, Riders USA, NY ICE, Floridians for Immigration Enforcement and the Florida Tea Party.

Source: WND

Toys R Us yanks meth-toting ‘Breaking Bad’ dolls


(LOS ANGELES TIMES) A Florida mom is demanding that Toys R Us stop selling “Breaking Bad” figures that come with perceived drug paraphernalia, and Walter White is not pleased.

Susan Schrivjer of Ft. Myers, Fla., posted a petition on — which currently has more than 6,000 signatures — in an effort to get others to join her cause.

“Their decision to sell a Breaking Bad doll, complete with a detachable sack of cash and a bag of meth, alongside children’s toys is a dangerous deviation from their family friendly values,” Schrivjer says on the petition.

Source: WND

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Pro-illegal-alien ‘solidarity caravan’ led by professional radicals

By Aaron Klein


A “Solidarity Caravan” traveling the country to protest what its leaders claim is the militarization of the U.S. border is led by far-left professional agitators and union organizers.

Workers World, the official newspaper of the Workers World Party, a Marxist-Leninist organization in the United States, has been documenting the movements of the “National Caravan in Solidarity with the Children and Families on the Mexico and Texas Borders.”

Launched Oct. 10 in New York City, the purportedly grassroots school-bus caravan has made stops in Philadelphia; Washington, D.C.; Durham, North Carolina.; Atlanta; Jackson, Mississippi; and several Texas cities, including Houston, San Antonio, Laredo and Brownsville.

The self-described “caravanistas” met in each city with “immigrant rights, civil rights, faith-based, community and social justice activists” to draw attention to the “militarization at the U.S./Mexican border,” reported Workers World.

The caravan aims to “redefine the upsurge of Mexican and Central American migrants – tens of thousands of children and families detained at the border – from a border crisis to a major refugee crisis,” the communist newspaper continued.

Despite the tens of thousands of illegal alien minors streaming across the border and being granted entry into the U.S., the “caravanistas” are complaining about what they see as “federal and state governments’ abusive and inhumane measures against migrants, including deportations and detentions.”

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The Solidarity Caravan ended its cross-country trip yesterday in McAllen, Texas.

Like so many other instances of purported grassroots activism, the caravan leaders are actually far-left professional organizers.

The two caravan coordinators are Bill Chandler, executive director of the Mississippi Immigrants Rights Alliance, and Teresa Gutierrez, a member of the Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party.

Gutierrez, a member of numerous pro-illegal alien groups, has her own activist experience with agitating law enforcement.

In 2007, she was a leader in a “Pastors for Peace” caravan, which wanted to cross into Mexico to ultimately challenge what it described as the “immoral” U.S. blockade of Cuba. That caravan was stopped by border agents and police.

Meanwhile, according to a press release from the new Caravan Solidarity coordinators, the cross-country journey also aimed at raising money for the South Texas Human Rights Center.

The center’s founder is Eddie Canales, who is also a director of the National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, or NNIRR.

The NNIRR draws no distinction between legal and illegal immigrants and calls on the U.S. government to “affirm the right of workers to cross international borders” and “demilitarize the U.S.-Mexico border to end law enforcement and human rights abuses.”

Canales works for the SEIU union’s Justice for Janitors campaign in Denver, which many in the progressive movement view as the precursor to the Occupy movement. He was also an organizer of the third party movement, La Raza Unida, in Texas in the 1970s.

The Solidarity Caravan is just the latest example of an apparently grassroots pro-illegal alien movement actually being led by leftist professional activists.

WND reported last year billionaire George Soros is a primary donor to the so-called immigrant-rights organization that has been blocking buses and carrying out other civil disobedience to prevent the deportation of illegal aliens.

WND documented the bus-blocking movement was led by numerous radical Soros-funded activist groups.

With additional research by Brenda J. Elliott.

Source: WND